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This message is meant to be informative and not so much a big pile of spam. though spam is delicious when fried and diced up in say eggs or mac and cheese and did you know spam now comes in awesome flavours including bacon now. ... Ummm sorry got sidetracked. But yeah see i was all nice and put all the pictures and links in that link up there rather than spam you guys with my pretty mug and threatening pictures of kittens. spam is good though.

WPAFW '11 Update

Hello everyone!

Mark your calendars! This year's Western Pennsylvania Furry Weekend will be held Friday September 30, starting at 7pm until Sunday October 2nd at ~7pm. Our Featured Artist is local anthro & anime artist Kyote! http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kyote/

This passed weekend the group kicked off 2011's event with our first progress meeting. As our first order of business we installed Flanowa, last year's Featured Artist, as our new Operations Chairperson. He's the #2 guy for the event and he'll be taking care of Programming and Logistics.

We have secured a contract for Fireman's Park and are in negotiations with the Comfort Inn Pittsburgh North to utilize their meeting room space and hotel again for our event. We will also be opening up a poll shortly to see if there is interest in providing a more comfortable hotel room block at another hotel facility two blocks off-site.

We are taking suggestions of non-profit, 501c3 organizations, committed to the welfare of animals, for the event's Charity in 2011. Currently nominated is Clarion PAWS; A Pet Adoption and Welfare Society serving Clarion, Forest, Jefferson, and Venango counties in Pennsylvania. http://www.clarionpaws.org Currently they are embarking on a capture, spay-neuter, and release program to control the stray cat population in the major population centers of Clarion, Forest, Jefferson and Venango counties in PA. The committee will vote to select the beneficiary of this year's fund-raising at our March meeting.

The committee is also researching how to add more efficiency to the cooking area for Saturday's cook out, thinking about what we can offer up this year for Supporter swag, and the purchase of some basic LED lighting effects to spice up the atmosphere at our dances.

If anyone has any programming suggestions for this year we'd love to hear from you! Comment here or send an e-mail to programming[AT]wpafw.org. If you have a suggestion for a non-profit for us to consider, e-mail that suggestion to event[AT]wpafw.org.

Stay tuned for more news here or on our website at http://www.wpafw.org

Swift Fox
Director; WPAFW'11
SEP30-OCT02; Pgh, PA
I've read many, many positive responses and reports on this year's Western PA Furry Weekend and the staff and I thank you immensely and are glad you had a great time.

However, we'd love to be able to consolidate that to a central point of reference and for that, with the help of Dobe, we've created an "On-line WPAFW Feedback Form."

If you attended the event, I ask you to kindly take a few moments out of your day to visit our site and answer the 10 questions posed. It helps us to know what worked, and what could use improvement. If it's within our means and power, we'll endeavor to continue or correct any portions of the event so identified.

Once again we're glad you had an enjoyable weekend and we thank you for your continued support.

Swift Fox
Director; WPAFW'10


Western PA Furry Weekend 2010 Report

Beautiful Weather!
112 Attendees. (129 incl. Staff and Pre-registered attendees who didn't show.)
$1200 raised for Charity.
41 fursuiters.
Over 120 burgers, 100 hot dogs, 3 gallons of chicken soup, 20 cases of soda, and 4 dozen cupcakes consumed.

Above all, a great time was had by all!

Thank you to the staff who's tireless work made it possible; Thank you to our Featured Artist Flanowa for being awesome; and Thank you to everyone who came out, had a good time and supported the event. Without all of you, it's a pretty lame party. :-)

Timduru hosts an archive for photos from the event. If anyone has photos they'd like to include there, please e-mail event AT wpafw.org and we'll send you instructions for how to get them uploaded.

Mark your calendars now to attend the Western PA Furry Weekend, Sept 30 - Oct 2, 2011. Next year's Featured Artist is Kyote. Registration Opens May 1, 2011.

Thank you again!

Swift Fox
Director, WPAFW'10
The WPAFW kicks off tomorrow, October 1, at 7pm, in the meeting rooms at the Comfort Inn Pittsburgh North in Harmar Twp, PA.

At the Door Pricing is as follows:
Basic $30 for Fri & Sat; $25 for Sat only; $10 Fri or Sat after 7pm.
Supporter $40.
Basic to Supporter Upgrade $15.

Our Featured Artist this year is Flanowa and we'll be raising money again for the Beaver County Humane Society and their efforts to care for animals and educate the general public.

We've got a lot in store to make your day as fun or relaxing as you'd like; Games, Fursuit Events, Dances, Puppet and Variety Shows, Snacks and Drinks, heck we even feed ya Lunch and Dinner on Saturday. :) And you don't want to miss Mandarin Orange's Famous Charity Raffle Drawing!

A full listing of events and activities can be found in the Programming section of our website at wpafw.org.

We hope you'll join us for some furry fun in the autumn sun right here in the beautiful Allegheny River valley in Western Pennsylvania!

Western PA Furry Weekend! Oct 1-3, 2010

Well the Western PA Furry Weekend is only three days away now and I wanted to toss out a few reminders...

We have Supporter Registrations at the door this year. We held it down to the pre-registration rate of $40. That means we have Basic to Supporter Upgrades available at the door also. So if you've already pre-registered at the Basic level...$15 at the door gets you all the perks and swag we offer to our Supporters...ALONG WITH FRONT OF THE LINE PRIVILEGES AT DINNER SATURDAY!! :)

Basic Registration at the event, for Friday night and Saturday, is $30. Can only be there for Saturday? No problem. We listened to your suggestions last year and Basic Reg on site at the park on Saturday is $25. For that you get two meals, dessert, a dance, activities at the park and the hotel, and a few free tickets to drop in the Charity Raffle!

Wait! You say you can only make it Friday or Saturday night? Let my team at Registration know you'll only be there for the night and you can enjoy a little of what we have to offer for just $10.

An industrious local fur took some time to load the WPAFW Activity Grid into a public Google Calendar. If you have a phone that can interface with Google Calendar, this may be a great way to keep tabs on what's going on over the weekend. Western PA Furry Weekend 2010 Google Calendar

It's still Construction Season here in Pennsylvania. PA Turnpike Interchange 48 is still under construction, but it's not too bad. The new bridge over the Allegheny has two lanes open in both directions now. The biggest travel head ache is PA Route 28 going north from Pittsburgh. A four year long road widening project has northbound Rt 28 down to one lane from the 31st Street Bridge (About a mile outside of the city proper) to the Etna By-Pass. It's pretty snarled through there during rush hour from 4pm until after 6:30pm so plan your travels if you're coming from the south and west accordingly. Let me repeat; RUSH HOUR IN PITTSBURGH IS FROM 4PM TO AFTER 6:30PM! Expect heavy delays at the tunnels, bridge crossings, and areas of construction activity. Please plan your travel accordingly.

As usual we have a lot planned for you to do. The WPAFW Staff and I are looking forward to offering you a fun and relaxing weekend in the autumn clad valley along the Allegheny River in Western Pennsylvania.

Western PA Furry Weekend - Oct 1-3, 2010

The Western Pennsylvania Furry Weekend is in FOUR DAYS!!

October 1-3, 2010 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Are YOU going to be there?

[WPAFW] Pre-reg ends in Two Weeks!

Hey everyone!

The Western Pennsylvania Furry Weekend is coming up on October 1-3, 2010, in Pittsburgh, PA. That's just over a month away and the staff and I have been busy getting everything ready for your arrival and a fun weekend of furry fellowship.

First, let me send my thanks to everyone who's pre-registered for the Western Pennsylvania Furry Weekend already for the basic and supporter levels! Thank you so much for your support of the event.

Everyone else...well what are you waiting for? Pre-registration closes on September 12th and with it your chance to save some $$ from the "at the door" rates.

Here's what you have to look forward to!Collapse )


Don't miss out on this annual event! Join us for Furry Fun in the Autumn Sun on October 1, 2 & 3, 2010 in the scenic Allegheny River valley just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Western Pennsylvania Furry Weekend 2010!

Swift Fox
Director; WPAFW'10
Oct. 1-3, 2010

Write us in! Furry Survey 2010

Hey folks!

If you take the 2010 Furry Survey, I encourage you to write in Western PA Furry Weekend at the bottom of the question about what Furry Conventions you attend.

Yeah, we're "not-a-con"...but it'll be great marketing just to show up on the list.


Swift Fox


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